Sunday, March 30, 2008

Memes Are Fun!

Guess what, faithful readers! I'm participating in a few memes, so you can learn more about me! Care to join in?

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Week of March 30: Finish the Sentence

Fill in the blanks for this weeks meme....
1. I always wanted to live on a farm and have tons of pets!
2. I really hate it when people hurt children or animals.
3. My best friend is Diana.
4. In high school I was a loner with a bandana.
5. My greatest fear is saying goodbye to people I care about.
6. My dream job is running my own school for kids with learning differences.
7. Some people really should knock it off..
8. My favorite author is there are too many to name!

till next time....


Melody said...

Great answers! I should've added 'children' for #2 too!

Hope you've a great weekend.

Mercedes said...

I once lived on a farm with a ton of pets. I want to do it again. Cruelty to animals and children is horrible. Saying goodbye to people and pets I care about is a great fear of mine too. I really like your dream job! That would be really neat! Thanks for visiting me! Have a great week!