Thursday, March 27, 2008

Read Angel's Books!

You may not know this, but I'm a published author! Well, self-published, anyway. I've published two books on The first one, Skye Blue, is a novel. The narrator is a fourteen-year-old girl, but its more of an adult novel due to the topics. Parts of the story are slightly autobiographical but most of it is fiction. Here is the summary:
At fourteen, Skye's life is chaotic. She's been raised by her older brother Jimmy for as long as she can remember. Jimmy's methods of supporting her involve frequenting motels and homeless shelters and scamming the occasional church for cash, and his own drug and alcohol problems make him less than the ideal parent. Yet Skye loves Jimmy desperately, and can't imagine life without him. When they meet Hannah, a young single mother with an adorable toddler in tow, things begin to change. Hannah dreams of creating the perfect family, and she's certain she can make this dream come true for Jimmy and Skye as well. But as Jimmy's behavior spirals out of control, the little family begins to fall apart. Can love really be enough to fix everything?

The other book I wrote, also fiction, is a children's book told from the point of view of a little boy with autism. Danny, Danny, Superstar is meant to be a sort of secretly-educational book, to be enjoyed by kids with autism, kids without autism, and kids who have children with autism in their families or are friends with children with autism. If you have or work with kids, I would recommend this book... Although its only self-published, its gotten great reviews from the people who've read it! (Not people from my family or anything. Mostly, I approached bloggers I knew of who had kids with autism and asked to send it to them.)

You can buy either one of these books at my Lulu bookstore... and I hope you will!

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