Sunday, March 23, 2008

How Can You Help Angel?

There are many, many ways that you can help me to save up enough money to get my own apartment. Let me count the ways!

1.) You can click on my referral links! I belong to several programs that pay you to do random things, and they also pay you for referrals! I have tried many, many programs, but have only stuck with the ones that have really worked for me. So, if you click on my referral links, you know you're clicking on something good! Check these out!

I love writing, and I've combined my love of writing and my love of children to create a blog about children's issues, called They're All Our Children. When I created the blog, my idea was to use sponsored posts to raise money for children's organizations. I write about different issues that affect kids, but I also write sponsored posts, and donate half of the money to children's organizations. I've tried just about every sponsored post program on the Internet, and truthfully, PayPerPost is the only one I've stuck with. It has the most opportunities, the best paying opportunities, and they use their own ranking system, so even if your Google rank is low you can still get lots of opportunities! If you want to get paid for blogging, this is where you need to start! And, I also get paid for referrals. So if you join up, using my referral banner above, I will make some money!

MYLOT: This is a site where you get paid for posting messages! You can post about anything you want.... anything in the whole wide world! Except, I guess, porno and stuff. The more you post, the more you get paid! Its only pennies, but if you like message boards anyway, this is a great way to let the money add up while you do something you enjoy doing! And again, if you sign up using my referral link, I get paid!

This is a cool site because you get paid to do all of the things the banner above mentions. It only takes a few minutes a day. They actually give you a checklist, and you just navigate through it and do all the little tasks. Some things pay you in cash, and others pay you in tokens or points that can be exchanged for prizes. Again, its just small amounts of money, but if you have ten minutes a day to go through the checklist, the money and tokens add up fast! You can earn more if you sign up for orders or buy stuff, but you can earn money just by clicking on emails, playing a daily trivia game, doing surveys and polls, etc. And if you use my referral banner or my link to get started, I'll get paid!

Free money making opportunity
This one is another paid-to-do-stuff program. But the thing I like about it is, you can download a thing that goes on the top of your screen, and you get paid for ever second that you have it running! its not spyware or anything. Its totally safe, and you can turn it on and off at your will. Basically, they just pay you to have ads on the top of your screen while you're doing normal things! If you sign up using my referral banner above, I'll get paid!

2. The next way that you can help me save up money is to buy things from me.
I sell a lot of brand new books on
I also am a Bookwise associate, and if you become a Preferred member (for free!) I make money every time you buy a book from the site!
And I have my own Zlio Store, specializing in children's products! I get paid if you order things from there

3. Another way that you can help me is by becoming a Bookwise Associate yourself, using my referral link! You can read more about that at my Books blog!

4. Yet another way for you to help me is by reading my Blogchex blog, which is all about the fun and educational things I do with the little kids I spend my days caring for! In order for me to get paid for this, you have to click on the ads you see on the site... but you don't have to buy anything or fill anything out! Just click, and you've helped!

5. Finally, there is one more thing you could do, if you don't want to take any of the other options. I'm not asking for donations, but if anyone does feel urged to send me free money out of the goodness of their heart, you can do so with Paypal!

Thanks for reading and helping! I have to go to bed now, but in the next few days this site will have a lot more things added to it, so I hope you'll come back each and every day!

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